Buckman Architectural Group can save you money every day by helping you choose the right energy service for your specific needs.

Buckman Architectural Group represents America Approved Energy Services (AAC) to help you save money on your energy costs. AAC was established to give commercial (small, medium and large businesses), and governmental entities access to a variety of energy services that cater to their specific needs. AAC is one of the largest licensed, most experienced and trusted energy consulting firms in the nation.

Energy Deregulation offers businesses the opportunity to shop for the best energy supplier and rates. Buckman Architectural Group can help you navigate the process as an America Approved Commercial, LLC, Energy Specialist. 

Energy prices change daily and there could be over thirty Retail Energy Providers in your utility market. Do you know who offers the best rates today? We will assist you in making the right energy decision for your business. For a cost-free energy analysis, please submit the form below.


We don't stop working with you once the agreement is signed. We are available to assist with all customer service billing issues that arise during the term of the agreement.

  • One of our Energy Specialists can enter the opportunity directly into the system for pricing for you. The required information (last three most recent bills) can be gathered and then faxed or emailed to our Pricing Department for entry into the system. (When faxing, a customer rate request cover sheet is required for tracking, click here to fill out and print.)

  • Information will be captured and entered from the bills presented

  • Price to compare will be calculated

  • Credit reviews will be processed as requested from suppliers

  • Deals under 500,000 annual kWh are normally priced within 72 hours

  • Due dates for pricing larger deals over 500,000 kWh will be considered when communicating with  suppliers, normally 5-7 days

  • On the day before the pricing is due you will be contacted by our Energy Specialist to set a time to go over
    the information and agreement for the next business day

  • An estimated energy cost analysis will be prepared

  • Executable Agreement will be prepared for you

  • All documents will be forwarded to you and your Energy Specialist along with instructions on how to execute the agreement

  • Our Energy Specialist will contact you on the specific time and date you requested to go over any questions you may have regarding the agreement and term to secure your rate

How can we help you save energy and money?

Contact us for more information.

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