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Building Wellness: The Architecture of Healthcare and Medical Facilities

What are the qualities you need in an architectural firm that specializes in the design of healthcare and medical facilities?

First and foremost, your architect is your advocate. They listen to your every need, requirement and want to design a facility that exceeds your expectations. Medical and healthcare architects foster wellness by providing the best design for hospitals, hospital satellites, medical offices and buildings, healthcare centers, and treatment and rehabilitation facilities to better serve staff as well as patients.

Understanding the importance of interfacing with all who work in these spaces is a key component of designing a medical space. Doctors, nurses, medical technicians, administrators, and other staff provide a unique perspective on their workplace. They are the ones whose goal is to ensure every patient is taken care of physically and emotionally. They know what is needed in each room for all tests and procedures, how supplies are easily accessed, how to keep the spaces clean and sterile, the best flow for patients to easily navigate the facility, and how to efficiently deliver the specific care required by patients.

In addition to collaboration with all who work in the healthcare space, experience in designing these spaces to meet the codes of authorities having jurisdiction is important. Every medical space must be designed and built according to exact guidelines. The medical architect is familiar with these codes and how to implement them in the design.

Designing a medical/healthcare project within budget and on time is essential. After all, medical practices are also businesses. They must be successful to continue to serve their communities. Designing within a certain budget does not mean cutting back on, or eliminating, an important and necessary aspect of a project. It is knowing the newest technology, equipment, and materials that ensure layouts are efficient. Creating a design that will offer flexibility as the medical and healthcare industry continues to evolve adds to the sustainability of the space.

The best medical/healthcare architect knows how to provide their clients with everything they need to improve the wellbeing of patients - healing the sick and saving lives.

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