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The Events of 2020

The year was certainly full of negatives, fear and uncertainty.

What have we learned from this most devastating year?

First and foremost we were reminded, as people, we crave contact with others. This was such a significant loss in 2020. Yet so many of us got creative, showed how much we care by coming up with ideas to connect and see the ones we love safely.

Many front-line workers helped with the connections. For this and so much more of their good work, we are eternally grateful. The pandemic showed us how important essential workers are to us. We stood up and recognized their greatness. Yes!

Recognizing those that are essential to us brought communities together. Organizations, non-profits, sewing circles, and other groups - large and small - were formed to support the workers out there caring for our loved ones, keeping us safe and helping to provide us with necessities. We salute the incredible efforts of the front-line workers, essential workers and healthcare workers. We also hail those that championed these workers to show them they were not being taken for granted but being held in high esteem.

As they recognized the importance of essential workers, community groups also realized their local businesses needed help surviving the pandemic. Local businesses help our communities thrive. We don’t want to see them disappear. So, community groups reached out to these businesses to purchase food, gifts, and necessities to send to essential workers. How is that for ingenuity?

As you can see so far, kindness was IN in 2020.

Since we needed to #stayhome, many of us got to know ourselves better. We involved ourselves in learning new things, began projects that we’ve put off for too long, and realized that living a simpler life is a really good thing. We understood how important spending time – actually taking the time to spend – with loved ones whether family or friends is.

Don’t wait. Show your love now.

Our hearts were broken when we heard of the loss to the pandemic and other circumstances of the year. Often the losses were unimaginable.

We learned we need to be pro-active in showing that Black Lives Matter. We need to be educated about prejudice, bias, and racism even though we thought we knew. We need to fight for freedom and justice and against inequality. Not fight by hurting others. Fight by taking the time to understand the harm caused by not truly taking the time to embrace cultural, racial, ethnic, and sexual differences. It’s all about educating yourself and others.

Take a moment to read this:

by: Monnica T. Williams Ph.D., Culturally Speaking

We did slow down. We didn’t really have a choice.

Prior to the pandemic many of us weren't even aware we were moving at such a fast past. Yet, we were. We were forced to stay put and we had to learn how work, educate, and even enjoy being at home. We even got a better appreciation of nature as being outside was a break and actually safer than being in an enclosed space. We took long walks, hiked up mountains, played with our children outside, and enjoyed meals outside – even in the cold!

If you were with your family, you had company. Now as much as that can be trying at times, think about all of those who actually were alone all those months. It’s hard to imagine that many people were basically in solitude confinement to prevent the spread of COVID-19. How resilient are those that suffered through the loneliness?

Many lost financial security. Jobs were lost, businesses closed. Some were able to “pivot” and find a way to make an income. Some of us actually even used this time to get into motion what we really want to be doing like starting their own business or making the move to another field. Others are still looking for work. We have to continue to help each other out. More food banks were opened to help make sure those in need were fed. Bravo to all who sent a meal over to someone who needed it.

As much as being “online” was concerning before the pandemic, in many ways it served us through it. We were able stay connected through social media. Go to work, school and meetings through the likes of Zoom. Emails could be sent to touch many people so they know they were being thought about. The biggest lesson is that although these are great ways to stay in touch, human touch is what matters. Maintain a balance.

Though all the negatives, there are positives. There is always hope, kindness, love, gratitude and compassion. There is the quest for peace and understanding. May the last year illuminate what is most important in life. May we take away the lessons to be better human beings. Let us remember that self-care is necessary. May you Stop, Breathe, Look Around and Enjoy.

For a glimpse of 2020 events, take a look:

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