Architecture design solutions created from a mix of aesthetics, efficiencies and personal service.

Buckman Architectural Group is a multi-talented architecture firm specializing in professional quality architecture design solutions and highly personal service. Based in New Jersey, we provide a broad range of architectural, planning, interior design, furniture procurement, custom artwork/sculpture design and custom cabinetry detailing services.

Buckman Architectural Group is known for providing aesthetic and efficient designs for general office buildings: either renovating existing buildings or starting from the ground up. We have designed mixed-use properties that serve residential, business, and retail occupants, residential town homes, retail centers, banks, industrial facilities, and child care centers.

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for our work in the specialized niche of health care space. We understand that the health care environment is constantly changing as a result of technological advances, health care policies and demographical influences, and our designs reflect current conditions while enabling future changes. Our firm is gratified by the successful implementation of our designs that create environments in which to treat and heal others.

We have been honored to be commissioned to design many houses of worship in the New York Metropolitan area. Designing sanctuaries is especially rewarding to us as we create spaces that allow and promote spirituality and reflection, and are pleased to see that our mission has been satisfied for people of all religions.

Our clients have the opportunity to benefit from true designer-led design/build services by utilizing our highly regarded construction company, Concept Construction and Development. From the beginning, these projects operate in a more efficient manner that saves both time and money for the client — a substantial benefit. This may come in the form of design decisions based on future construction phases; detailing due to specific subcontractors; reduction or elimination of engineering services to expedite the schedule; or in-house bidding.

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